Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weeks before Christmas

It's official...we have dropped the ball with our blog! We'll just have to persevere and see if we can make it right in the end. Please pardon the huge jump in time between the summer pictures posted in November and these December photos.
Some captions:
Alf with his face and hands (he insisted)painted like a tiger at the Shire Christmas Fete.
Josephine after licking the beater from a session of brownie baking.
Alf as the happiest shepherd in Bethlehem in his school play.
Gabriel discovering our Christmas tree (he's 9 months and some in most of these pics).
Alf and I making the first batch of peanut butter kiss cookies to give to teachers and friends.
Bertie calm again after battling to get the too wide tree base into the tree stand!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictures from the summer - yes summer!

Get lazier and lazier with this blog. Pictures from trip to North Wales in the summer. Freezing cold by LLyn Brenig (but impressive heather in background) and on the beach at Harlech.

Alfie now very good on rope swing and keen to impress. Gabriel not impressed with Grandpa's tractor.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Josephine is 2

Josephine had a very good 2nd birthday. She had pancakes for her tea and liked her presents. The stroller is very handy for storing all her toys that Gabriel is not allowed. She can be heard saying "No, No Gabriel" for much of the day and is constantly policing him.

On the day after her birthday Alf said to Jose, next it is my birthday, this did not go down well with madam who thought it should still be her birthday and proceded to sing the birthday song again for the 100th time.